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Biographies of geophysicists that have lead the way in exploration geophysics
Listing of awards from SEG and their recipients
A gallery of past presidents of SEG
Items on display in the Virtual Museum
Electrical prospecting instruments and technology
Gravity prospecting instruments and technology
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Glaciers appear blue because the pressure of the weight of the ice changes the shape of the ice crystals causing them to reflect blue light.

Preserving the heritage of geophysical prospecting ...
Online Exhibitions
Special areas showcasing the latest geophysical technology and historical developments, including the Geophysical Timeline
SEG Presidents
Pictures and biographies are available for 72 past presidents of the SEG
Historical Collection
All types of instruments used in geophysical exploration are on display.

Currently there are 144 instruments in the Historical Collection area.
This area has
233  unique biographies of geophysicists, many of whom are pioneers in the development of exploration geophysics technology.
SEG Awards
SEG recognizes the achievements of exceptional individuals in the field of exploration geophysics.  Currently there are
9 different awards with a total of 316 recipients.
... now and for the future.


What is geophysics?

How do geophysicists find oil?

Brief History of SEG

Detailed History of SEG

Geophysical Dictonary

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